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  Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou111 :Five-Star  
Hotel Name: Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou111
Address: No. 199 Huangpu Mid Ave., Tianhe District, Guangzhou, GDP, China

Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping, business, the meeting was one, is the chief platinum five-star eco-Guangzhou Hotel is the only city with a helipad platinum five-star Eco Hotel. Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou has 400 luxurious rooms, decorated distinguished luxury, with 5 m wide spacing, double shower, central double-loop ventilation system and satellite TV reception system, comes with 600 of the large conference room, with multilingual simultaneous simultaneous translation system, and has 16 layers of standard interval 32,000 square meters of office space intelligence, business customers in this office will enjoy the three-star facilities and intelligence services brought about by the five-star hotel convenience. Guangzhou, China Petroleum Building, Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou is located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City Center area, good location, west of Pearl River New City CBD, Tianhe Business District, east of Tianhe Software Park, north of the well-known university campuses, and the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition separated by a river , a new urban center of Guangzhou, Guangzhou future CLD (central living area). Hotels close to "natural oxygen bar" Tianhe Park, with 78 million square meters of green landscape, elegant environment, is extremely rare in Guangzhou city, "Park hotel property." Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou plan put into operation in 2011 and another 9 to 24 layers for the office, has been on sale, located 150-2000 meters personalized business space to meet the business needs of different types of enterprises, the average price of 15,000 yuan / square meter.

◇ Normal Period Price List:
Room Type
Discount Price
Superior Room
RMB 1680 / USD 251.00
RMB 650 / USD 97.00
Executive Room
RMB 2260 / USD 337.00
RMB 1242 / USD 185.00
Deluxe Suite
RMB 2680 / USD 400.00
RMB 1750 / USD 261.00
Remarks: All rooms have free Internet.
   *The price of the rooms during the 121th Canton Fair is very diferent from the normal period price.
   *If you don't quite clear the steps of booking, just click the button "Book Now" on the page, fill your tel./Email in the following steps, we'll contact you as soon as
◇ 121th Canton Fair Price List:
  Superior Room
From Date To Date Discount Price Breakfast
2017-4-14 2017-4-18 RMB 1500 / USD 224.00 double
2017-4-19 2017-4-21 RMB 900 / USD 134.00 double
2017-4-22 2017-4-26 RMB 1900 / USD 284.00 double
2017-4-27 2017-4-29 RMB 900 / USD 134.00 double
2017-4-30 2017-5-4 RMB 1200 / USD 179.00 double
  Executive Room
From Date To Date Discount Price Breakfast
2017-4-14 2017-4-18 RMB 1800 / USD 269.00 double
2017-4-19 2017-4-21 RMB 1100 / USD 164.00 double
2017-4-22 2017-4-26 RMB 2200 / USD 328.00 double
2017-4-27 2017-4-29 RMB 1100 / USD 164.00 double
2017-4-30 2017-5-4 RMB 1400 / USD 209.00 double
  Deluxe Suite
From Date To Date Discount Price Breakfast
2017-4-14 2017-4-18 RMB 2200 / USD 328.00 double
2017-4-19 2017-4-21 RMB 1500 / USD 224.00 double
2017-4-22 2017-4-26 RMB 2600 / USD 388.00 double
2017-4-27 2017-4-29 RMB 1500 / USD 224.00 double
2017-4-30 2017-5-4 RMB 1800 / USD 269.00 double
* Room rateincluded 15% service fees and tax and double breakfast.
* The quotation of USD will be according to exchange rate of the day .
* has free shuttle bus between hotel and fair center at fair period!
*free WIFI.
*Distance from the Exhibition Center: .
*If From Date =To Date, such as the 'From Date' is 2009-10-14 and the 'TO Date' is 2009-10-14 too, it means the Date of 2009-10-14.
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   ◇ Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou111 Remarks:
  Guangzhou Soluxe Hotel Transportantion:
- 2 km to Jinan Universityk;
- 4 km to Zhujiang Park;
- 5 km to Tianhe Statium;
- 12 km to the railway station;
- 42 km to New Baiyun International Airport.

Address in Chinese for the hotel:

Below is the address of the hotel in Chinese. You could print it and show to the local taxi driver, which could be very useful to get to the hotel!
Hotel Name: Guangzhou Soluxe Hotel
Hotel Address:No. 199 Huangpu Mid Ave., Tianhe District, Guangzhou, GDP, China
酒店名称: 广州阳光酒店
酒店地址: 中国广东省广州市天河区黄埔大道中199�

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