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  Guangzhou Master hotel :Four-Star  
Hotel Name: Guangzhou Master hotel
Address: No.105 Shahe RD, Guangzhou Avenue,North,Tianhe District
       Master hotel Tianhe store is a four-star boutique hotel directed by Shenzhen Master hotel group invested as four-star class fashion hotel, located in Guangzhou Central Business District (CBD), arts and cultural center of Tianhe District, built by many top designers in Shanghai with heart and soul, as well as the characteristics of"Fashion, personality, quality, art, creativity," stand in the foothills of the beautiful Baiyun moutain.It takes only five minutes by car from Hotel to Guangzhou East Railway Station , and 10 minutes to train station ,drive from the Tianhe Sports Center only 6 minutes by car, 40 minutes to reach the new BaiYun International Airport. The hotel has 221 rooms decorated with all kinds of  new and unique styles,all the excellent facilities and equipment from soup to nuts, the very characteristics-the great circle honeymoon bed with Southeast Asia style led to the guests experience a brand new romantic trip.It is a preferred choice to consider vary frome business, leisure, entertainment, learning to holiday.
◇ Normal Period Price List:
Room Type
Discount Price
The Nordic style single room
RMB 1080 / USD 161.00
RMB 238 / USD 36.00
The Nordic style twin room
RMB 1180 / USD 176.00
RMB 248 / USD 37.00
Simple Southeast Asia
RMB 1280 / USD 191.00
RMB 268 / USD 40.00
The Fashion Business
RMB 1580 / USD 236.00
RMB 338 / USD 50.00
The master business suite
RMB 2080 / USD 310.00
RMB 468 / USD 70.00
   *The price of the rooms during the 121th Canton Fair is very diferent from the normal period price.
   *If you don't quite clear the steps of booking, just click the button "Book Now" on the page, fill your tel./Email in the following steps, we'll contact you as soon as
◇ 121th Canton Fair Price List:
  The Nordic style single room
From Date To Date Discount Price Breakfast
2017-4-14 2017-4-19 RMB 630 / USD 94.00 double
2017-4-20 2017-4-21 RMB 258 / USD 39.00 double
2017-4-22 2017-4-27 RMB 590 / USD 88.00 double
2017-4-28 2017-4-29 RMB 258 / USD 39.00 double
2017-4-30 2017-5-4 RMB 480 / USD 72.00 double
  The Nordic style twin room
From Date To Date Discount Price Breakfast
2017-4-14 2017-4-19 RMB 850 / USD 127.00 double
2017-4-20 2017-4-21 RMB 288 / USD 43.00 double
2017-4-22 2017-4-27 RMB 650 / USD 97.00 double
2017-4-28 2017-4-29 RMB 288 / USD 43.00 double
2017-4-30 2017-5-4 RMB 530 / USD 79.00 double
  Simple Southeast Asia
From Date To Date Discount Price Breakfast
2017-4-14 2017-4-19 RMB 980 / USD 146.00 double
2017-4-20 2017-4-21 RMB 338 / USD 50.00 double
2017-4-22 2017-4-27 RMB 690 / USD 103.00 double
2017-4-28 2017-4-29 RMB 338 / USD 50.00 double
2017-4-30 2017-5-4 RMB 580 / USD 87.00 double
  The Fashion Business
From Date To Date Discount Price Breakfast
2017-4-14 2017-4-19 RMB 1180 / USD 176.00 double
2017-4-20 2017-4-21 RMB 398 / USD 59.00 double
2017-4-22 2017-4-27 RMB 790 / USD 118.00 double
2017-4-28 2017-4-29 RMB 398 / USD 59.00 double
2017-4-30 2017-5-4 RMB 680 / USD 101.00 double
1.Room rates including 10% service fees and one or double breakfasts.
2.Free shuttle bus between hotel and exhibition center.
3.Free broadband internet access.
4.Reservation needs credit card guaranteed or one-night prepaid.
*Distance from the Exhibition Center:10.6km .
*If From Date =To Date, such as the 'From Date' is 2009-10-14 and the 'TO Date' is 2009-10-14 too, it means the Date of 2009-10-14.
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   ◇ Guangzhou Master hotel Remarks:
  Opened in 2008

Hotel-location and traffic:
Distance from Liuhua complex 7.4 km
Distance from Pazhou Complex 10.6 km
Distance from Tianhebei Business District 5 km
Distance from Guangzhou Station 6.7 km
Distance from New Baiyun Airport 27.5 km

Business will fashion the concept of leisure pleasure with the perfect combination of selected high-end decorative, and various types of supporting facilities and equipment rooms, high-speed fiber-optical broadband Internet access, casting a different style boutique hotel 221 sets of (inter) ,to provide a caring and full of freehand brushwork of mobile homes for your journey .

The Nordic style
Designed by the masters, European and American fashion style, five-star lighting decorative murals, double hollow sound insulation glass, soft and comfortable five-star bedding, luxurious but not extravagant, designed quiet, human nature, easy, to provide you with high-quality health sleep environment.

Simple Southeast Asia / Southeast Asia honeymoon room
Guangzhou hotel has a unique design concept of a round bed, 2.1 meters in diameter, spacious and comfortable, inspired by the colours with inspiration, is preferred by festival, lovers, leisure, vacation and family tourism.

Supporting facilities on:
When internationally renowned brand fast-food McDonald"s met the Master fashion boutique hotels…… nutrition delicious breakfast, multi-flavored Hamburg, coupled with a convenient 24-hour business services, to make your travel lively and funny.

Toronto, Canada pure authentic coffee, professional standards of the manufacturing chain,is a leisure HolyLandfor business negotiations, lovers ……
Main courses: Portuguese chicken rice, fresh eggplant juicesoy sauce spaghetti,
Japanese eel rice……
Beverages:fragrance coffee, caramel refreshment, mocha ice coffee ……
Miscellaneous Kam: fresh fruit salad, savory smooth cheese cake

Credit card::
Visacard,Peony Card,Golden Spike Card ,Great Wall Card ,
Dragon Card,Pacific Card , Master Card,Express Card,Diners Card

Below is the address of the hotel in Chinese. You could print it and show to the local taxi driver, which could be very useful to get to the hotel!

酒店名称: 广州万事达酒店天河店
酒店地址: 广州 天河区 广州大道北沙和路105号
Hotel Name: Master hotel
Address: No.105 Shahe Road, Guangzhou Avenue North,Tianhe District,Guangzhou,PRC

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