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  Five-star hotel  
  Four-star hotel  
  Three-star hotel  
  Two-star hotel  
  Pazhou International Convention Exhibition Center  
  Train Station, near the Liuhua Museum  
  Tianhe Computers City, Shipai Gangding  
  Near the town of Dongpu  
  Beijing Pedestrian Street,Haizhu Square  
  Fangcun,Huadiwan District  
  Guangzhou surrounding areas  
  New Baiyun International Airport  
  Huanshi Dong Road,near martyrs  
  Airport Road, Stadium, Baiyun Mountain  
  Jiangnan Avenue, near the Zhongshan University  
  Agriculture and Forestry Road, near Wangfujing  
  Shangxiajiu Road,Pedestrian Street  
  Tianhe park, Tangxia Near  
  Tianhe Sports Center  
  Near the Pearl River New City  
  Pearl River South region  
  the East Railway Station  
  Tianhe District Baiyun District  
  Huangpu District Yuexiu District  
  Luogang District Liwan District  
  Haizhu District Panyu District  
  Huadu District Nansha District  
  Zengcheng city Conghua City  
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Hotel Name Normal Period Rate Canton Fair Rate Distance To Pazhou Booking
Wan Yi Hotel Guangzhou RMB 168 / USD 25.00 RMB 390 / USD 57.00 10km Booking
Weijing Business Hotel Guangzhou RMB 150 / USD 22.00 RMB 428 / USD 63.00 3.5km Booking
New East Hotel(Tianhe east branch) RMB 169 / USD 25.00 RMB 400 / USD 59.00 6.7km Booking
Guangzhou Bai Gong Hotel RMB 180 / USD 26.00 RMB 450 / USD 66.00 13km Booking
Wu Fu Hotel Guangzhou RMB 168 / USD 25.00 RMB 380 / USD 56.00 17km Booking
East Asia Hotel Guangzhou RMB 168 / USD 25.00 RMB 388 / USD 57.00 13km Booking
Yin Haigang Hotel Guangzhou RMB 158 / USD 23.00 RMB 418 / USD 61.00 10.5km Booking
Guangzhou Golden World Hotel RMB 170 / USD 25.00 RMB 380 / USD 56.00 9km Booking
  Tel:0086-020-37889228  Fax:0086-020-62619182   Email:gzjiachen888@163.com 
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